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We were called by a consumer that had been referred to us by a former client as the ‘best in the business’, we were more than happy to have that label and proud that our former jobs had earned us that good reputation. This new client had an incredible outdoor area that backed on to the river system on the Gold Coast. They were a couple that had small grandchildren and had not yet installed a pool fence simply because the client had been shopping around for a person that he could count on.

It really did not take long to uncover why this client had spent so long shopping around before he located us. The client had a very well-kept small custom pool in their outside area and these customers would not be satisfied with anything except for a fully frameless glass pool fence that stuck to the curves of the pool. Yes, that’s correct, curves. This job would require a little more care in the measuring up. When designing curved glass pool fences we find it is better to measure not once or twice, but three, four or five times. This job had no room for error as the glass was to rest just outside the shell of the pool, so if it really did not match the curves as close as feasible then this would certainly be visible when you looked down at the edge of the pool, this is the difficulty with curved glass pool fences.

After several site visits and some substantial number and formula crunching by our expert designer, we were set to order the custom curved panels to get made. The client had to wait for the manufacturing time for the glass, but when it was delivered to our warehouse we were on site the very next day to start the setup. This was a job that required all the assistance we could muster as there are a few factors that are done in different ways when setting up curved glass. Our top installers were called in to make sure the job went smoothly and we managed to complete the project in one day.

We did end up needing to go back for a few hours the next day for some personalisation that was required for the gate latches but it all went well eventually. The client was thrilled with the final product and we finished another amazing curved glass installation. Although the pressure to get it exact is a lot on these sorts of jobs, when it turns out so well it does make us really pleased with the work we do.

The result was a fantastic looking curved frameless glass pool fence in 12mm toughened clear glass that was undoubtedly fully certified with the pool safety guidelines. This variety of pool fence is a real distinct type and will no doubt be a talking piece for our clients for several years to come. If you would like to talk to us about potential curved glass or frameless glass pool fence solutions for your home, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 1300 937 902.

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