Frameless Glass Pool Fence

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Pondering mounting a frameless glass pool fence? Frameless glass pool fencings offer unhindered sights of your pool area as well as allow sunshine to go through openly. Not just do frameless glass pool fences look fantastic, they also include worth to your home. Frameless glass pool secure fencing can be installed on spigots, (core pierced [...]

Is your disability causing your pool fence to be too much of a barrier?

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f you reside on the Gold Coast with a mobility disability you may be eligible to request an exemption to the Queensland Pool Fencing Regulations if it affects your ability to get access to and use your pool. In Queensland and around Australia there are strict pool fencing laws that every pool owner must adhere [...]

Kids love your pool? well, they are sure to love these pool games

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Got kids? they love the pool? love playing games? Well, If you are lucky enough to have a backyard swimming pool, then you would be used to them enjoying games all summer long. However, while kids are having fun, you will need to make certain that they are playing safe, and are keeping in mind [...]

Pool safety and you – how to prevent drownings

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Your Gold Coast swimming pool is most probably one of the absolute most loved features of your house-- particularly in summer! It helps you kick back, cool down, socialise and simply enjoy life. But you should never completely overlook that pools can often be one of the more risky parts of your house. That is [...]

This is why we use the best products – Fallout from G8Safe’s Pool supply product recall

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DIY Pool Fence item recall for national hardware chain's goods-- G8Safe Pool Latches If you have started a DIY Pool Fence job over the last few months, then you may wish to check where you got your products from, and if they belong to the latest recall issued by one of Australia's largest hardware chains [...]

Swimming pool games – Treasure Hunt and Noodle Races

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At Absolut, we believe that your Gold Coast pool should be an area of safety, and fun. That is why we would like to show you some of our favourite pool games from our childhoods, and that we still play with our kids even these days. These games are safe and fun and so you [...]

Your Pool fixtures need maintenance too! some quick ways to make the job easier

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After your Gold Coast pool fence has been set up, the job is not over! While Absolut's certified team of Gold Coast Pool Fencing installers may have left, and you have a shiny new frameless or semi-frameless pool fence (and the pool) to enjoy, you have to make certain you care for it. This means [...]

Supervision and maintenance – the easy steps you can take right now to make your pool safer

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Supervision is the most important part of pool safety on the Gold Coast. There has to always be an adult supervising when toddlers and children are playing in or around swimming pools. Supervision is much more than just being available, it means proactively watching after the children to make sure that they are not injured, [...]

Are you following the QLD Pool Fencing laws?

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If you are a pool owner in Queensland then you need to make sure that you not only have a pool fence, but make sure that it is registered and compliant with the latest Queensland laws. From 20 November 2015, Queensland established new Pool Fence Safety laws that makes it a requirement to install, maintain, [...]

Glass pool fence cleaning – what you need to know

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Looking after your pool fence is very important, but are you cleaning the best way? There are considerable amounts of little tips and tricks in order to help guarantee that you are caring effectively for your pool and pool fence on the Gold Coast, and there are plenty of tips for cleaning the glass. Habitually [...]

Do you have a pool fence permit?

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One of the frequent mistakes that people make on the Gold Coast is simply to not have the right sort of building permit or permission before starting the renovation work or home improvements. If you are thinking about making changes to your pool, or even add in a pool then with any luck this little [...]

How safe is Toughened Glass in your pool fence? Lets find out – Part 2

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PART 2. Toughened Glass Pool Fences: Part 2 - Breakages and Safety As you may know, Absolut Custom Glass are well-known in The Gold Coast for our Frameless and Semi-Frameless Glass Pool fencing installations - We only install glass because we believe in its appeal, and its safety. But remember, than while the glass is [...]