Ever since the recent introduction and administration of Queensland pool fencing laws there has been an increase of pool fences needing to be built on the Gold Coast– which, let’s be honest, is terrific for business for Absolut Custom Glass. However we constantly see unhappy customers who simply don’t see exactly why it is needed.
We recently had a Gold Coast client get in touch with us grumbling that:
“My back yard is entirely fenced with 2m high fence, I do not have children, none of my neighbours have young children, I’ve never even had a kid visit my back yard. Why do I not only need to put together a fence, but get a permit and shell out for an inspector!?”.
To be honest, we felt sorry for him and could completely empathise with his position. Unfortunately the law is put in place to protect people– especially children– from drowning, and so there is little space for flexibility. We installed his fence for a fantastic rate at his Currumbin, Gold Coast property and whilst he was annoyed that it needed to occur, he was happy that he could go back to enjoying his pool and backyard. He agreed that it was required once we explained to him how high the fee could be for neglecting to install the fence (can be $500 on the spot, and $16,500 if it goes to court) and we also explained to him that if he didn’t install the pool fence he wouldn’t actually manage to legally sell his property. That is given that since these laws came in, any property sold after December 2015 which has a swimming pool will need an up to date Pool Safety Certificate as part of the sales checks performed by the buyer and real estate agent.
This certificate will involve checks about the pool’s stability, any damage, and that a compliant pool fence has been put in.
A number of years ago there was an outcry from a lot of home owners with kids– not because of their pools– but because of blow up pools. That is because blow up pools, while low-cost and fun, also need to be compliant.
These kinds of laws saw a Toowoomba family forced to empty their pool by the council or face a hefty fine.
The laws will apply if you have a short-term or inflatable pool which is greater than 30cm high and has more than 2000L of water. This effectively means that those clam shell plastic pools from your childhood will be safe, but anything larger may see you facing a hefty fine if it is not fenced appropriately. While it may be annoying we need to remember that drowning is the leading cause of death in Queensland for kids aged 1 to 4 years.
If you have a family, you have to ensure that children are supervised in the water at all times. From an early age, children have to learn how to swim and become familiar with the water in a safe way– this means through a fenced pool either at the home, or at a local swimming centre– or better yet, make the most of the Gold Coast’s amazing beaches and swim between the flags in the ocean.
So exactly what do you think? Are these Queensland pool fencing laws and policies too much? Or is it a logical cost to pay to keep kids safe? Comment here with your thoughts, or if you wish to talk to Absolut Custom Glass about your pool fence scenario, don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 937 902