Got kids? they love the pool? love playing games? Well, If you are lucky enough to have a backyard swimming pool, then you would be used to them enjoying games all summer long. However, while kids are having fun, you will need to make certain that they are playing safe, and are keeping in mind that pools can still be an unsafe area to play a game. With that being said, the team at Absolut wished to share some of our favourite pool games from when we were kids, and some safety tips to make sure that your kids can have fun, while embracing pool safety.
Marco Polo
The classic ‘pool tag’ game which many of you would know. One player is chosen as ‘it’ and has to swim in the pool to tag the others. The tricky part is that the ‘it’ player is blindfolded. In order to help find the other players ‘it’ cries out ‘marco’ and everybody else answers with ‘polo’. This helps the ‘it’ player to learn where everyone else is and tag them. Once everyone is tagged you select a new ‘it’ (generally the very first or last person tagged) and then you play once again.
Bottle Search/ Find the bottle.
This game is about looking for a bottle in the pool, and getting it first– seems easy, but it can easily hide and when you are competing it becomes more of a challenge.
You play this activity by first getting a plastic bottle– certainly never have glass near the pool– and you then fill this with water so that it sinks. Everyone who wishes to play then lines up in the pool on the side and faces out from the water. When prepared, throw the bottle into the swimming pool.
Once players hear the splosh from the water they have to push away from the wall and try to find the bottle which is now sinking, and tough to see.
For added difficulty, make certain there are no labels or colours on the bottle that can make it easier to find.
For safety, we recommend that players start inside the pool area and turn around to find the bottle– others may play a ‘dive-into-the-pool’ version, which can bring about injury if there is water around the edge or if players get too enthused.
The very best part of these games is that although they are fun, they are also safe. If there is one note that Absolut wants to keep building up it is that your pool is only fun, beautiful and relaxing if you have kept it a safe place. One way to do this is needless to say to install a quality Gold Coast Glass Pool Fence– and feel free to call us oon 1300 937 902 if you want to talk more about this. But ultimately pool safety is about having children (and adults) learn about safety, and make sure that they play safe around the pool.