It is vital that you have a budget to start with, this will give you and the pool company some perimeters to work with. Regrettably, not all pool construction companies come with a decent designer, so ensure that your opinion is heard and seek details when discussing the work with the contractor. Below is a list of crucial questions that might just help you when discussing with potential pool contractors.

– Does your spending plan allow for changing the shape of the pool?

– How many litres is the capacity of the pool? (This is convenient also for when you need to calculate the amount of chemicals you will require to keep your pool clean).

– What kind of warranty does the contactor deliver for the pool, does it cover everything?

– What type of Coping do you recommend? (This is the coating, if could be Tiles, concrete, or something like a Pebblecrete surface).

– What’ll be surrounding the pool? (There is a good reason why grass is not appropriate in the pool vicinity, it will result in filling up your filter with grass clippings).

– What sort of filtration unit is supplied?

– Then finally, the major questions, does the pool builder understand pool safety laws in your vicinity? Do they account for them during concept and development? And, are they ready to collaborate with your pool fence provider?

There are also a number of areas that may increase the cost of your pool.

Additional costs you may have to consider.

– Landscaping.

– Extra concreting.

– Tiling.

– Paving.

– Pool Fence, – Glass, Semi-frameless, Frameless, Aluminium or a combination?

– Pool chemicals.

– Water (if from the council, or by the truckload if on tank water).

– Servicing/Maintenance (not for everyone, but if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, might be an option).

– Pool safety fence inspector for certification (mandatory in all states in Australia).

Many people don’t take into consideration the fence until after the swimming pool has been constructed, this could cause issues when it comes to building your pool fence, whether it will be glass or aluminium. When you prepare for your project make sure that you speak with a quality pool fence provider in the design stage so that you can get a fence created that will maximise the potential of your outdoor pool area. It is also necessary to recognize what sort of costs you could be accruing. Because it can be very disappointing to spend your whole budget on the pool, only to find that you can only afford a cheap, tacky looking fence. An aluminium pool fence is not something you want surrounding your latest investment as they can quickly become an eyesore– opt for something worthwhile that will boost the value of your pool.

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