Gold Coast Glass Pool Fences are a challenging area to understand, especially Pool Fence Channels. Let us help you understand what your options are, and how best to choose between Pool Fence Channels so that your fence looks the way you want it to.

Visible Pool Fence Channels

In the Gold Coast, Just one of these types of systems is the Channel Fixed system. It basically involved creating a channel for the glass to sit into, rather than having the glass held up by spigots. This system is actually the recommended choice for a few of our customers that may not necessarily enjoy the look of spigots protruding from the ground.

The glass used here in this kind of instalment is 12mm thick toughened and comes in various widths to suit many different fence configurations.

For this particular system, we fix an aluminium channel to the ground, that must be a firm concrete foundation. The channel sits on top of the ground and has a special plastic insert to make certain the glass is simply never leaning on a tough surface. The glass is then inserted into the channel and held in place with a friction system making sure the glass won’t move or slip out of place.

Invisible Pool Fence Channels

In this section, we want to take you through what we call an ‘invisible channel fix system’. It is a popular option because it makes the glass seem to come straight out of the floor with no need for any other kind of hardware or fixtures.

The glass made use of for this type of work is a 12mm thick toughened section that is 135cm high and comes in various widths to fit all sorts of fence configurations. This type of installation achieved the highest degree of aesthetics, and a 5-star ‘feel’. However, in order to achieve this, it calls for a little bit more work in the beginning well before the glass is set. We often have inquiries for this kind of system when the house is being actually built– which means that we have the chance to communicate with the builder before the installation. We can nonetheless install this around existing pools and buildings, but it does call for some concrete cutting and comprehensive planning


Over the years, we have improved our system of this particular installation and have been using this now for several years. Firstly, a channel is cut into the cement near the fence line. This channel is 10cm deep and approximately 4.5 cm wide. We next lay a specific sort of shock absorbing plastic right into the channel that we will use to put the glass on. We then set the glass right into the channel, in position and begin to fill up the space with a special sort of non-shrinking grout which ultimately will strengthen the glass vertically.


For this specific sort of installation preparation is vital, and we have many years of expertise behind us that we do not make missteps. If errors are made in the planning and setting of the glass panels then it is an high priced and unpleasant job to need to extract panels to re-set them. This is because the glass actually does rise out of the ground with an invisible channel system. There is nothing visible besides the glass panel itself. No spigots, no posts, no shining pieces of hardware protruding.

We would say this is the most minimalistic look we can accomplish with glass pool fencing, and if this is actually the look you want then this will be the most ideal choice for you. We still can ensure that the pool fence meets all safety regulations for swimming pool fences and make sure the fence will pass the ideal certification. The system we use has been developed and refined by us and we have not seen anything else on the marketplace that comes close.


So with Pool Fence Channels, what is the best?

Although the channel, when set on top of the ground can be a little more intrusive than other systems a lot boils down to own personal taste and the visual look that you are after for your property. As the channel runs the overall length of the glass panel it can seem to give a appearance of being set into the ground.

If you would like to learn more about the system that may be best for your Gold Coast needs, to get a free quote, or perhaps even to get our recommendations on how best to design and construct your Glass Pool Fence solution, speak with us on 1300 937 902 or see more of our products on the Glass Pool Fences website