Supervision is the most important part of pool safety on the Gold Coast. There has to always be an adult supervising when toddlers and children are playing in or around swimming pools. Supervision is much more than just being available, it means proactively watching after the children to make sure that they are not injured, not in danger, and are behaving correctly around the water. As children grow, they will begin to prefer to get increasingly more reckless around the pool – diving, cannonballs, etc – educating them from a young age to correctly respect how dangerous a pool could be if the child does not behave properly – can be crucial in preventing injuries and accidents not just when they are toddlers or children.

Pool fences are legally required for safety – but they can do their job only when you use them correctly. To make sure your Gold Coast pool fence actually can help avoid accidents and children going into the pool area unsupervised, follow these instructions:

  • Keep the gate closed so children can’t make it through without you,
  • Never prop the gate open. If it needs to be left open for repair work, make sure all external doors are locked.
  • Make certain that gates, windows and doors can not be used to gain access to the pool unless there is a safety and security latch or barrier.– For example, self-closing latches and flyscreens.
  • Take care of, repair or replace the safety latch or hinge. This means making sure that the latch is properly opening and closing, and that the hinges have enough force behind them to quickly close from any open position – even just a few centimeters.
  • If you have to learn more about adjusting hinges, this video from Absolut Custom Glass talks you through it.
  • Climb points also apply to tree branches that may be overhanging the pool. Keep in mind, if this applies to you with a new pool then your pool fence is unlikely to be compliant and won’t be registerable. However, if it is a well-established swimming pool though, you will need to ensure that no branches are growing over the pool area that could present a climb risk.
  • Learn CPR – and keep up your training each year. first aid is an essential skill for everyone.
  • Make sure the area doesn’t include any items that would allow children to climb up and over the Pool Fence. Items like pot plants and chairs, could be used to gain added height in order to get over the fence, or could invite a child to try to climb the fence and get injured or hurt.

While a frameless glass pool fence is much safer and harder to climb up than an aluminium fence, it still needs to be taken care of, and you have to make sure that you don’t position anything against that fence that might be climbed. One of the most typical issues with pool safety is climb points, and propping the gate open. You must never prop the gate open, if the latch is catching and hard to open, you need to contact someone like Absolut to service the fence so that it works effortlessly – it is never the solution to just simply prop the gate open.
If you have any inquiries around pool safety or how to take care of your fence feel free to connect with absolut on 1300 937 902