Absolut Custom Glass are well-known within The Gold Coast for our Frameless and Semi-Frameless Glass Pool fencing constructions– but people usually ask us why we suggest glass so much.
Aside from the aesthetic appeal, we use glass for our fencing because each and every single piece we use is a highly specific type of safe, and toughened glass.

Toughened glass is normal annealed glass that has been warmed up to remarkable temperatures (circa. 620 degrees) so that it becomes at least four times more powerful than normal glass. This is done by trimming panels to the right size, drilling the correct holes, and after that rolling the glass through specialised oven heating to get to the right temperatures. Once cooled, the glass has been tempered and toughened so it is even more resilient than the average type of glass you may find around your house or apartment. This means that when a 12mm thick piece of glass is used, which already has considerable strength, is toughened so that its’ strength increases by approximately four fold – imagine the strength you need to punch through glass 5cm thick! This is the type of glass is used in all pool fencing that Absolut uses on our pool fencing Gold Coast work, thus giving it superior strength. It also means that in the extremely unlikely case of breakage, the panel will fragment into very small cubes that are much less likely to cause injury.

For glass that is not framed and mounted typically on two robust mini posts (spigots) it is recommended that 12mm minimum thickness is used. For glass that is assisted by posts between the glass panels the suggested thickness is 10mm. The posts add a bunch of strength to the glass panels. Gates are typically 8mm thick because of the weight in glass and the strength of the pool fence hinges that have to hold all of its weight. It is plausible to use 12mm thick glass for gates but this does need a heavy-duty hinge set with hydraulics to guarantee it does not slam dangerously due to its weight. The only time other thickness glass would be applied on a project is when there is a blend of semi-frameless and frameless glass fencing or balustrade. On a property where there are different demands for different terrains this may happen, but generally one system is the best to have, a mixture would not be pleasing to the eye. The absolute best system is the one that meets your budget. However if a fully frameless glass pool fence or balustrade is within your budget then this would be the most suitable. This offers the least interruptions to your view and permits the most light through.

If you want to learn more about toughened glass, toughness, and what to do with damages, you can keep reading through here ( PART 2).

If you ever have any thoughts about Glass types, thicknesses, or safe handling, please feel free to call our qualified team of pool fencing installers here at Absolut Custom Glass on 1300 937 902. We are always happy to talk about Gold Coast pool fencing.